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29 Dec 2018

Rahul Gandhi is popular Personality : Rakesh Sagar

Gyan Prakash Sharma,(Farrukhabad): Ex.Subedar Rakesh Sagar  who is former vice President of SC Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee , says that  Rahul Gandhi is now the most popular personality in India and abroad.  He is the man who is too much loved & respected by the people of India of all castes, creeds and religions especially for his unique devotion, dedication, belief, patriotism as well as for his simplicity, honesty, and truthfulness. He is also known for having profound love and affection towards the nation & the people like his parents and forefathers.  Certainly he is the next Prime Minister of India.  As such the country and the people of the country would be in safe hands as well as the future of the country & peoples' would be more secured and golden golden.

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